Thursday, December 17, 2009


Rase cam nak beli macam2.. tapi xtau kt ne yg bgus.. haihz.. dh la sume mahal.. moscow2..

Prospek Mira Mosque.

This time I want to tell you bout the mosque located near the prospek mira metro station which just take a few minutes walk before we arrive at the mosque. Along the way, we will see some people selling a sheet of plastics which used as the sejadah. Wonder why? Here's the answer.

The small capacity of the mosque is one problem, plus a large numbers of muslims want to pray as that day was during the Jumaat prayer. So we had no choice, praying under the subzero temperature with the others. Only god know how it feels but we 'redha je, asal dpt solat kat masjid'. The next best thing is there will be hawkerw selling samsa, a kind of baked bread with a beef fillings inside it. There is one woman who sells cheap samsa but it is very delicious and I can guarantee if we kidnapped her back to malaysia we will able to make a branded company of samsa with her marvellous samsa. One more thing there is a halal cafe nearby the mosque so we can stuff everything we want with hakuna matata. (no worries).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pickpocket Encounter

One day I was returning home after class. As usual I plugged in my earphones at my cell and start to hear some music along the way (too bad now already lost it. Can't hear music... argh!). So to make me easier to navigate through my playlist I just simply put my cell inside the front pocket of my jacket. (Like all Russian do). So, I walk in the metro (underground train) and take my stand, leaning myself at the lateral door between two guys. Ihsan was playing in front of me. As the train moves away, the noisy sound of it make me barely hear the song I played. It was a nasyeed song that time. And suddenly I can't hear any music at all after a 'pluck' sound. (a quick response to me head which I intepret it my earphone accidentally unplugged because it is connected loosely). So as we know when playing music with earphones it goes out from earphones but when it is unplugged of course it goes out from the speaker so to prevent from making and attraction I quickly looked down and reach my cell. I noticed that something weird because it kinda impossible for the earphones to get unplugged since I didn't move at all. And the man beside me was kinda covering his hand with a newspaper and pulled his hand back as soon I looked down. My cell was still in my pocket but... it halfway out from it. I stared at his face. He just looked away pretending to be innocent. I was really pissed off and feel like wanna kick his balls. I took some range from him after I switch my cell into another pocket so he cannot reach it. I told Ihsan who was holding the psp to be careful. Ihsan with a frightened looked quickly go into the center, reaaallly far away from there. haha. I just took a half meter away, hoping maybe I got a chance to kick his ass, but luckily for him I didn't. Metro is a common place of pick pocketing. It's like heaven to them. So be aware, espeacially the one who was skinny, black jackets, stupid hairstyle, a paper in hand, because I've seen  many of this kind of freaks doing their thing there. FREAkS!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Physical Training. (Fizkultura)

The most and must skip class by the students. Why? Of course cause its tiring but worthless. But for me it become worthless because we did not do it seriously as we should since the exercises is totally different from what we learn in Malaysia. It was exciting at first since we got a chance to fight a volleyball match with another group which come mostly from Russia. The best part is we kept winning until now we already bored of winning and just let them win which they really want from the start. Skipping2 n skipping. Now we just wondering if this will affect our results for final. Hopefully not.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Biological Introduction

 So, after a long boring biology lecture we thought that biology will gonna be no fun at all. Since the lecturer who gave the lecture at that time is my group lecturer for classes. But eventually, it turn out to be interesting as she took us for a tour around the biology floor which situated lots of interesting dead stuff just like in a muzeum. So every class we learn about microorganisms which we got a chance for every each of us to make our own microscopic analysis. But the hardest part is, we have to draw what we see, but not actually what we see but what the lecturer see. I had my time making about 8 times draw and erase for a single picture just to get her satisfactory. After that I swear I just followed someone drawing who has been certified so it will never ever happen again. And of course even drawing has been so hard, how about our test? Haha. You don't want to know. (Pics: wild boar, frog, sea creature dunno the name, some mammals, backbone of a whale, eagle and pic of me. hehe)

Friday, December 4, 2009

The 'Paket' Story...

As  it is suppose first time experience in a new thing is the one suppose to be a hilarious and memorable for any mankind. Got what I mean? Well there is one story where the word 'paket' become a very meaningful word to me in life. It was my first time shopping in Moscow, in this small and cheap supermarket. As we know we still not used to speak in russian or even hearing was still quite difficult for us. So, it cost us hours to settle up the payment at the cashier. My experience was like this. Firstly the cashier will ask you if you need a plastic bag for our groceries. We are not aware of that since in Malaysia if was free and always will be given to the customers. I was just 'ternganga' as she asking bout 'Paket? paket?' which mean plastic bag. She saw me could not understand her so she take one plastic bag and show it to me. I just replied.. 'oooooo.. da. da.' (yes, yes). I thought that was all, but here come next. The screen showed up 400++ RBL something so I took out my 500 RBL and gave to her. She asked me '*(#&()*#&?'. Oh man what now. I thought I did not give her the right amount so I took all my money I have and show it to her so she can choose which one is correct. HAHA. At last she point out her finger to the coins at the dashboard. ........ OH damn this is embarassing. She just want coins. The END. ^_^' (luckily she didnt took all my money)

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Journey to a Freezing Land..

The day had finally come. 23rd of September, the day which I thought the worse day of my life. BUT thank god I was given lots of people to keep holding me upstraight as I was falling gradually in sorrow and misery. Thank you very much for those who come, for those who called, for those give me chocolates!! (cadbury lak 2 my feveret), for those who gave lots of love, for those who pray for me, for those send their pics, for those who texted me, as I thought my life is at end if not because of them. Well, there is actually something that cause the sorrowness become worse, as I tried to overcome it in the whole journey until now. Missing my love one of course, texting her as many as I could. The arrival in KLIA is a bit depressing as many people and student like me are checking in to and it was a chaos. The place become hotter and hotter, and I was sweating enough in that freaking sweater. (but thanks to it, it kept me warm at my arrival). And I became more frustated as my shirt turned up to smell funny. After the check in, a time gap about 3 hours was taken for dinner and prayers. I did not take my dinner as my hunger drop off as I see Fauzi, Ainin, Sunoy, K-man, Faris Hasyim, and Ainin's punye adek2 was coming and busy having my last unforgetable and memorable moment with them.

The briefing started at 8.30p.m. After hearing all what the officers in charge said, we were given about only a half an hour to be prepares and went into the assemble point. As my phone kept ringing and text kept rushing in, I tried to spend my last time wif my family and somehow I was touched as the moment is my last with them. Tears almost drop from my eyes but I prevented with my full willpower (control macho la beb). Soon, theres is it, I quickly walk my way through the guard and walk my way towards the escalator to continue my way to the departure hall. Shockingly before I finally step my foot at the escalator, I heard someone calling for my name. It was Ezy. She managed to find me in those crowds. Nice timing! Too late for a conversation we just took some pictures and I had to take off. Down, down, down the escalator, waving my hand at those eyes, calling for me. So there is, all the process gone smoothly, only my hand luggage was tagged as cargo so it had to go from my grip. Luckily it has no importance during the journey.

Having a flight around the clock in MAS was kinda great. As nothing much to do on that seat and most of time I just spend to hear some musics as I slept one time for one song. And soon we arrive in Amsterdam Airport (forgot its name). This is much more a killer boredom for us since theres nothing much to do. Internet access is present, but cash must also be presented for the access. As we wait and wait, finally it is time to get moving. Most of us check in successfully but some of us stuck with their names not registered in the tickets. But thankfully the problem solved and we managed to have a safe flight in the Aereflot. MAS is better but for me I'm still thrilled with it as I got my seat beside the window. Haha. The short flight made me spend my time only to see the above view of the lands and sometimes I took it to flip through some magazines even not understanding mostly what is written. The food? of course sea products is our only choice. And soon the elevation of the plane decreases and I took the time to see what is Russia looks like. At first I only see lots of greens and some small towns when it still not went through Moscow airspace, but when it was, we were surprised to see even at the end of our sight we can still see buildings! Imagine how large is that city is. The planwe landed but we were wondering where is the coldness that people always talking about. Actually plane always kept the temperature of the cabin the same and I knew that. Just wanna let the excitement atmosphere goes on. As we get out, whoosh! Where is the big freaking cold air cond?? haha. Its cold. But for me it just common. Not a freezing level yet. But what make me sick is.... "Apsal tempat kapal terbang ni bau cam kandang arnab kat umah aku?? Jom bla cepat".

After a long 5 years...

I finally came back to Perlis! hoho. It's been a while and I'm afraid if I did not go at that time, I might had to added 6 extra more years since I'm leaving abroad by now. Even though it not at Raya, but still it is a very nostalgic for me. Really had a good moment as I count the days which decreases day by day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As I was wondering what to do here... I intend to search some new songs to be downloaded. So, as usual browsing and I made my way to find new songs. Then came a thought that alang2 dh tgh crik nk try crik lgu yg de psl ramadhan.. nk crik mne2 yg sdp leh download gak.. and there was it. 3 tabs, one for english songs at mp3raid, one for song prehear at myflashfetish, and one for ramadhan songs at mp3 raid. As I am searching the songs, I found out everytime I try to browse bout ramadhan songs everything went very2 smooth like never before, instead of those other from ramadhan songs, get stuck everytime, except for some songs which has no dirty lyrics. Weird huh? Well, maybe there something behind this and what I know, let's strive our best for this last few days before the time is up. A chance should not be let go as we not sure we will get it again. Always reflect ourself. When we ever think of god? All the time? Selawat ke atas nabi everytime we hear his name because bear in mind he bkn sebarangan, he is the leader of the world. Peace.

Has been a while...

It's been a while.. I haven't.. haven't... cry.. hehe. It's sad alright, to leave your love ones. As the days keep passing by, heart cracked little by little, hoping that I could get a meaningful farewell to them. Coming closer to 23rd of September, 11 p.m, Malaysia Airline System, KLIA, creating sort of a instantaneous misery in not so thrilled feeling to go faraway from where I came from, from what my heart will always like to be. So you better be great Moscow, or you will regret for letting me pass through.

Эта Моя Любымая Дорогая Группа 15 Б

translation... This is my beloved dear group 15 B.

a video by Daus

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camera, Light, Stomach, Glucose, Action!

It's show time. Role play, one of the English assignments we have to deal with. Criteria? Two people, a doctor and a patient, get through all the way from complaints and everything until the of the results and treatments. So pairing with Ihsan we got ourselves with an interesting story which was rejected since the plotting was out of those criteria. At first we make a story about a pair of couples, who was me and our favourite and most wanted girl in our class, Laili. We had an accident. I suffer in a depression while Laili in coma. So all the way to the end the story it was more about Laili rather than me. So it was out. We changed it. With kain pelekat stuffed in the sweater so I can became fat enough, we made Laili was dead so end of her story and now we can focused on me. Hahaha. So as Laili died, I was very depressed since I love her so much. My life became a chaos and to my solution was to eat and eat. I even drink a lot. When the time has come, I was feeling like want to see the doctor, which is doctor Ihsan. After the diagnose and all that, my behavior of eating with hakuna matata(no worries) had be founded out by Dr Ihsan and I was advised to change my habit. He show me my result and I was suffering from an obesity and diabetes. So time after time I become though again at the end. Hooray!

Cemara College in Blood Bath

Horror... Gore... Blood splattering all over the.... drains... hehe. Well, it's slaughter time! Die you chickens! Well at ....... (x igt tarikh) at Intec there was held a survival camp.. sort of a pre departure thingy but more to an Islamic aspects. At the first day, in the morning, each chicken.. opps, each classes was given at least 3 chickens to be a slaughter alive. Whoa! Scary huh? I didn't get to slice one.. just trying to give a chance to others who never did it before since I already got mine at school. I My job just helping to hold the chicken, and did some observations and checking I think. And the result? I was cut in my thumb. Still have the scar you know. The cut was deep, plus it dissolve with chicken blood of course. Urgh.. I got chicken DNA in my body. I'm chicken man.Attack of PLKN clones

A tea time with Dr Siti Hasmaa

Sori bnde dh lme jd bru nk merepek skang.. well in the 'lpe tarikh' the russian students of intec have been invited for a tea time with Dr Siti Hasmaa in Putrajaya. What I want to share here is the interesting facts and hardship she told us in being a good doctor which is a good way of thinking to solve a problem creatively and effectively....... ok out of idea.. pics!

Dance by the 14s on the upper part and 15s on the lower part.. kinda x phm n trtdo time this.. but at the end I was in it those kind of thing too.. why me?? huhuhu

Acoustic Band

September Updates!! hahaha

Even I know xde org nk bce bnde ni tp mao gek gtau stelah sekian lme ak dgn kemalasan utk mngupdate blog akhirnye kebosanan dok kt umah n utk mengelakkn ak dr xtau nk wtpe mmbuke pntu aty ni to type more.. it's more to a wrapping up of what happened before this.. haha.. xde org nk bce pon tp ak tau ak bce wat... stay toon..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melodia of Maya Cardiovascula

Meaning? The melody inside my heart which triggers the memories inside it.(This will be a recent updated post)

Well like u can see.. i mean hear.. those songs which played in my blog are what I meant. So, if u don't mind, maybe I could share some of them to you.

Well let start from when I was a form 1 student
This song really3!!! meaningful to me because it remind me a lot about my life that time...
Well, if u ask any of us who was in those days u can say tipu la kalau x tahu lagu ni cause I can hear it all over the place, always, from the hostel radio, somebody singing the song, it was very popular until I can even hear it in the bathroom(of course org memekak tgh mandi x reti diam). And more importantly sometimes my classmates like to joke me with that song by changing the lyrics (I'm sorry I can't be perfect ---> Ansari Bin Ramle perfeeect) hahaha.. It was just a compliment anyway in another point of view. Well after hearing it I can still remember I was home watching the video clip(yg dok memekak jamming ats bumbung umah awek die 2), because I was a second intake where I had a chance to study in a normal school at my place for a month. So coming to integomb? It was it bit blur for the first day and suddenly becoming homesicking days afterwards. Haha. I still remember, I was in 1 Al-Farabi, I register at the counter kt lobby skola, at the teacher was Izudin Sensei. Hoho. So after that I went to the koop to buy my stuff, and get into the Ruby Red. Oh yeah go Ruby!(walhal smpi form 4 x prnah ad semangat kesukanan lnsung, form 5 je plek, agknyer npe eh.. hahaha) So as I enter the class there was only one empty seat left where it was beside Asna(a new student like me). When I enter it, everyone was just staring at me and as I sat a voice came out, "Woi! Ko dorm ap??" oops forgot to tell I put my things first at the dormitory before I went into the class. So I replied, "Harmoni 6" (in a very skema way, dgn bju butang smpi atsnyer.. hahahaha.. gle nmpk bodo those days) And suddenly a student shout "yes! ko dorm ak!". It was Nabil, aka Superdag, hahahaha. And then the teacher came, they were discussing their Kemahiran Hidup test while me and Asna xtau pape so donga je la.. hahaha. Soon, I just followed Nabil's guidance since he was very helpful for me. We got no orientation, or maybe a little to know what to do and don't. So my first cry? Haha this is embarassing. Well those times we have a very famous phone called reverse charged phone and it had a very entertaining caller ringtone(try carik tp x jmpe). So, I called home, as I heard my father's voice, burrrr, tears rolling down non stop(naseb xde org time 2. Power ak timing). So that was it, and my first in front of somebody? Well, in front of our PK HEM that time, Pn Fauziah.(yela die p tye psl family ak plak mne ak x sdey. Rindu woo) That time we were discussing about my day off for the award from my former school because I got 5 As in UPSR. And that week also was the day for cross country tournament in Saturday, where I never got a chance to training, erm... maybe much better to know the route(sbb kt school lme dh merentas dese pon so kire training la kot). So, I had to follow where everyone goes and placed 24th. Haha. After it finish, my dad came to pick me up because that day also is my day off for the award thingy. Oh my feet was freking lenguh. Huhu.
So it followed by,
Linkin Park - Numb
Hoobastank - The Reason (but this is more likely reminds me of my form 2 life, the year of angau, hahaha bodo gle time 2. Sape yg closed to me that time tau r)

Greenday-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
(n byk lg cause time ni byk dgr lgu because of many factors)
It was popular in the early years when I was a form 2 student of Integomb. And it reminds me of my precious transistors(radio cenonet beli kt mydin dua hinggit sehelai) which a lot have lost in a battle(rosak trburai) and some kne cilok ngan senior(hahaha.. agk plikla coz zaman ak pkai cilok mp3.. well time changes). So, what I can conclude hear is lots of song I heard in the radio will remind me of those days because I always hear that thing, especially with my friends, klu korang igt lg nme die palito.. hahahaha.

Form 4? Well of course the trademark song haha,
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade.
Well, it was very popular in early of 2007, and people kept singing the song until there were adaptation edition to it which the most famous about going to the surau and going to play rugby.
Haha, still dont get it? Try to hear the song you will remember everything. It reminds the starting of my choice of decision which I choose to enter the pure science stream even mostly of my friends choose for science agama. Common question? "Ko straight As asal x amek agame?". Well, I also dont know the answer, maybe I just too lazy to study many subjects since it got only 10 subjects and agame got 12. So, the class feel very empty, wide, before the new form 4 student joined us. In class? 4 Ibnu Sina... I sat besides Haziq Lipat and my table was my bed, just wanna sleep, sleep and sleep.. haha. Behind me was the genius Anas, who always looking at me weirdly since I always do something weird. And in front of me was Acap Buzz and Muaz Gondolz. So, some stories I would like to share when meeting those new friends, who should I start? Hurm.. Atin si KlCC, well before the new student came my classmate had given everyone one each of the new student for tutor lessons of what we have learned. So I got her, where I just receive blindly because I want to sleep that time. So, I just do my job like always, some I can some I cannot, I'm not that good anyway, and time after time now look what I have done, she is the most clever student in my batch! Oh I'm so proud of my anak murid.. Hahaha(walhal frust gle psl ak yg ajr die dlu tp die lak pndai lbey2.. ak markah bodo je.. huhu). How about other class? Hurm, a time I know Syafa 4IN, well like always commonly people knew me because of my drawings, so one day Syafa come to my class and said "Wah lepas ni lukis utk ak plak". I, who never notice her existence in that school just look at her, "Eh sape lak ni kocik bona. Ainin dh ad geng la. Haha"(dlm aty la).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dying for it!

Well it just happen last Saturday where the fifth fivers had made the final decision for a reunion at mid valley at around 1 and VERY fortunate for me I also got a battle to settle. The ultimate frisbee tournament (I guess that what it is called) for the INPRO 2009 (a tournament between the programmes in intec). The first game I entered, not because I'm good of course, but there was no one else to backup my batch to represents for the table tennis so I was in, and of course only manage to get one win from all the match, haha, and we placed fourth. Not bad huh for the one who only just thinking of representing but suddenly realize we were climbing up the stairs. And guess what? My first match was with Afiq Farhan. HAHAHA. Oh man he was so damn good. And so kalah la daku. So back to the frisbee story my first match also with an INTEGOMBIAN, he was our senior, abg amirul ehsan or much more known as ah seng. He was representing the A-level who were a very though rival for us. Well, I think most of u dunno how the game play rite? The same thing happen to me. Just a few days before the match baru start blaja how to play it. And of course.. because the was insufficient players, like always. Well I get very interested of it because it a combination of games, especially AMERICAN FOOTBALL where I was really thrilled to play since secondary school (pengaruh eye shield 21). So defense like basketball but no contacts, eye je kot bley. Movement like men netball (alamak nmpk podan lak) because the one holding piring xleh lari, nnty mcm travelling, and offense..... american football, where I was there to get into target... the receiver.. (the one who must receive the piring at the score zone to score of course) hahaha. All the games we won, and got first place and of course I have to work hard for it. The game settle at 1.40 since it started at 9. As I see my clothes were very dirty, and seeing I still I had time to get to mid valley, (faith in nisa saying 40 min leh smpi), I choosed speed walking back to college instead waiting for the bus around 2. Oh my god I also cannot walk since my muscle having cramps. But who cares, I cant waste this chance. Arrived at college at two, pray, take a shower, dress up, ran to the taxi, who the driver who was oh my god lucahnyer.... ergh, arrived at ktm on around 2.45, meet gan, and we wait so long, around 3.30 kot bru smpi, and mak bapakk ramai orang.... the air conditioner was down, I was sweating like hell, and ade extra gift, I looked down, "Aik? Bajet la org brpeluh smpi bsh lantai ni?" Soon I realise air cond punyer air meleleh from the ceiling, banjir dlm 2.. hoho... so, all the way from shah alam I was standing until arriving at kl central, still not sitting since the game is over, rushing and slipping through the crowds, (sbb ktm to seremban nk smpi dh) left gan with his friend, xtau ap cte(sori gan) pale ak xleh nk think straight, and sampai je kt platform 2, man, lg33333 double222 byk dr td, and I had to guess where the ktm pintu akn btol2 stop so I can slip through (naseb dh biase wat) so my guessing was 68.98% correct, slip2... manage to get in, while holding my breath of course, because memang sardine gle, sbb siap ad minah to kne hentak ngan pintu bpe kali sbb org nk muntah kuar blik dr ktm 2, pnuh gle. But she manage to get in to. So, arrived at mid, again I slip and rush through the people, msg nisa to know their location, but mengong sbb nisa ckp dyorang tgh tngkp gmbr so its too general so I cant specify it (sbenanyer saje tye konon I was not there and wondering dyorang wat ap, so I can get some clue from it) so I just walk trough the floor and fortunately time tgh naek escalator, nmpk manje turun kt sebelah so "MANJE!!" manje who saw me, "ANSARI!! kejap2 ak naek blik" gde.. gde.. gde.. die pon naek blik, ktrg borak2 jap tangkap gmbr, tye dak2 kt ne cabut, so rushing and slipping so arrived!! What a relieved, time 4.30 sumthing, and byk nk blik dh, I was just... haaa, mampu trnganga je la. Tapi nak wat cmne kan that the fastest I can get. So sorry guys.. I tried my best. But I think that is enough for me kot, since I was thinking lepas ni nak pegi jauh, lame plak 2, will I have a chance camni ever again. So that was it, I took lunch with mas, faten with her sis and bro, pas2 tnggu ktm.. same problem, sweating like hell, arrive in shah alam, jmpe pak yat, amal and gan, tumpang pak yat blik cemare, n have a good rest sampai missed my dinner, oh man lapar gile mlm 2, dah la xleh tdo sampai subuh! haha. and that's another story..

Monday, July 27, 2009


Tired, tired and more tiredness. First problem, unfinished medical check up. The original plan was to get the test from a private clinic and get the certification from a doctor at the government clinic. Of course it cost a bit less but it is truly need a maximum patience and determination. Some doctors cannot accept test from the outside and some do. So it on us to find the right doctor. Luckily there is a very kind nurse to help me with it since the clerks of the government clinic clerks did not told me the right thing to do to make it settled faster. Still, I had to go there 3 times continuously before it finally finished. Second problem, I don't have a notebook. So it hard for me to settle all the assignments according to my plan. Hopefully I could, plus with the day out with my friends to school to visit my teacher last Sunday. After that we really had a good time watching transformers 2 where I finally lost to the final scene because I dropped into tears. Haha. After I get home I quickly downloaded all its soundtracks. So, moving on to my works. Later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Segari Story

All the days were great until 27th of December 2008. The day where people thought the worst day of their life, going to PLKN. Haha. It hard for me to adapt myself there and im still didnt completely adapt myself even till the last day.. I think.. hehe. I started reported in at Selayang (Stadium MPS) and ride the bus for 5 hour trip to Segari, Lumut, Perak. There that the pic. But we didn't actually see this as our first sight of the camp because we use the private route and of course the most beloved landmark of our camp.....

......The Dindings...... the flour factory.. (hoho.. kdg2 nmpk cam Hogwarts.. especially time malam).

<--awal2 lagi dah tulis.. huhu..

Well here some description of what happen there and you might be interested to do so. At the beginning of the days, we were tought about the rules and everthing that were kinda sucks but actually that what make our life there a memorable thing. Some of it we have to move in groups everywhere we. Whenever we going to eat, pray or sumthing, first thing, line up or simple words... kawad.. ergh. The main priority here was unity where we must discriminate racism instead of discriminating by race. haha. So even when we eat, the table must have at least three kind of races which is.. you know.. malay, chinese and indian. (tapi spe nk ikut.. haha.. pedas gak r telinge asyik kne sound psl ni).

<------- hoho.. kusi meje cam kantin pakcik shukor. cume x melekat je.. huhu..

At the registration we were classified into our groups what we called "kompeni' and I was in kompeni Charlie and stayed in the dorm Tun Saban. I was like..... ..blur like that... -_-... haha.. but I just kept a cool face even I dunno what to do next. I went into my dorm to unpacked my baggage and it really frustrating me to find a good locker because most ot the lockers were freaking hideous and damaged. -_-' At registration, the last thing we had to do to find our size for the uniform or much more familiar to be called "baju yg di isu" haha. So I got my size and went to the logistic to pick up the baju yg di isu and foolishly I didn't realize that I get tough so fast so my shirts were a bit small (cover xreti pilih baju.. haha.. jrg la g beli bju).
Like in this pic, this is called the "baju pt yg di isu" (time ni tgh men takraw n cikgu tibe2 merayau2 tngkp gmbr ktrg.. haha)

This is called 'baju kelas', ordirnary uniform for classes, visitors meetings and outings(nk g smayang jumaat un pkai bju ni)

(pic ni time my family visit, the 2nd week.haha. muke tgh over mnghadapi kesinglean.... huhu)---------------------------------------->

The last one is of course, as everybody knows.. the 'Full Loreng/ Celoreng penuh(yuck)'.. haha...... This uniform is the smartest but yet the most unfavourable because it takes time to wear that thing. The accessories= Inner loreng, Seluar loreng, Underw***, Baju loreng, Belt, Spike boot, Getah spike boot, Beret, Sunblock (optional.. haha).

(Aza bajet comel r... kekeke)

Well the first week we got a test. Blip test. The test where we have to run alternating from end to another end according to the blip sound. It have 10 stages, and of course, it get faster from stage to stage. Get it? Its like 'blip' and u must run to the other end of the net ball court and then 'blip' again quickly run back toward the other end (ulang alik) and the time range between the blips get faster and faster. We do it under a hot sunny day, freaking hot until I was dehydrated just waiting for my turn and I only got 3.6 for it. After that the earth was spinning like..... ergh.. and I almost fainted but I keep my body stand straight. huhu......

At night we must queued up at the padang kawad and most of the time.. erm.. no.. everytime there is no ad placec to be besides padang kawad where we have to properly checked so the strenght will not decreasing or probably.. increasing?.. who knows.. Daily checked = 6.30 a.m (formal assembly before morning exercise (pt) except weekends) 8.30 a.m (classes except weekends) 3.30 p.m (physical module) 5.00 p.m (riadah) 9.00 p.m (random activities except thuhrsday and friday, we got kelas kerohanian). Physical modules is the best, yet the most exhausting moment of the day. At first we have to learn how to kawad (eventhough some of us already know) but not all of us. So sometimes it a bit frustating seeing our teammates kept doing the same mistakes over and over again. But amazingly, we still can work as a team and forget about all of that. This how the assembly looks like. The leader of the kompeni will stand at the front while the assistant will stand at the back. The leader must carefully calculated the kompeni strength to be reported to the overall leader (ketue keseluruhan) and from day to day they kept swifting shift for the tasks between those leaders.

Promotion (that it's called I think).. only the leaders (including the assistants) know how it feels.. Happy? Frustrated? Pissed off? Dissapointed? Proud? Only the leaders can tell..
well for us the ordinary ones, we just sit back and enjoy the show. In the middle of a freaking hot sunny day of course. Where we spend most of the time here.. haha.. well congrats to the leaders they actually have
done their job very well. (Wei Theng tengok tak puas hati je kat blakang tu.. haha)
(Here2.. here is your pic.. hepi now?hahaaha)

Our classes... the first main class is calles 'Character Building class' or kelas CB. For an optimististic person, they will see this class was very important as it teach you to be like a person should be. But for some reason
most of us thinked that the activities there are very childish and unacceptable for us that think we are too 'mature' to do all those things like dancing or making stupid moves like a crazy guy or something. And I don't think you can understand it
unless you experienced it yourself or if you want me to demonstrate to you no problem.. haha.. ^_^. It fun, yet memorable but the most important thing I am really appreciating it because I learn to juggle there. haha. Weird isn't it? So if you any of us (plkners)
are given three balls.. automatically we change ourself into juggling red nose clowns..haha.. because we all have to learn how to juggle. hoho..

Blood donation program.. a program held by the Manjung Hospital.. or better portable blood donating center.. haha.. it was done in our 'bilik rehat'.. at first I wanted to join but my parents and I didn't know how to fill the forms so I just thinking to cancel it.. haha.. but then last minute call.. one of my class teacher asked me to donate to using the coaches signature so without hesitation I joined. haha. blood lost! argh!

Evening... ah.. the great time for us to enjoy ourself after all the hard work.. Mostly I just join the circles of takraw players.. I mean there will be many people gather in a circle playing takraw. There.. we only can play takraw, volleyball, basketball, futsal, netball(for girls), some indoor games and..... rugby (not originated from the camp).
There was one day I play volleyball and fell down beside the drain... almost get into it.. haha... but my knees.. ergh.. damn bloody.. but I'm insisted to go for a treatment but my friends told me to do so. Luckily when I got there the staff were absent.. haha.. I'm save.. hate to go to the doctor lo..
(but want to be a doctor.. sengal.. hehe..) Despite of that I suffered for to weeks with my own treatment.. of course we just a piece of cloth to cover it.... It's not I wanted to hurt myself but I don't want to miss a single activity there since if we got sick we will be given a day off according how bad it is.

Module physicals get more interesting from day to day... At first were just a frustrating moment for physical modules because we have to learn kawad under the beloved superhot sun.. and of course.. the unforgetable TTS (temput tanpa senjata/melee/unarmed assault.. haha). It's developed by the korean army for our nation armed force or it is called
taekwondo. What to we do and learn? Nothing but to stay under the sun with our feet doing horse2/steed2/stallion2/pony2 (kekude.. hehe), learning punching, blocking and kicking butts.

And the exciting moments of modules physical has finally come. The water activities hoho. We have a theory class before we got ourself into the saltwater. Then the water confident section. Meaning we have to immersed ourself into the water wearing the pfd (personal floating device/ the orange thingy where people always wear them to help them float). Or in other words berendam macam badak air dalam laut.
In my time I was brought to the shore before everyone else. You know why? because I wore the orange thingy incorrectly. Mine was totally different from the others where the stupid 'tali geli'(the one that hold across our kangkangs so the thing won't left us sink while its float.. I mean we slipped out like removing our shirts.. And the next day was the day
to show our comprehension skills in theory classes about rafting and kayaking. Rafting is quite enjoyable but still it makes me pissed off since only a few of us that giving full comitment and energy to row the freaking heavy thing (10 people on board.. 8 rowmens.. 4 left 4 right.. I'm at the front right). It actually need a teamwork.. rowing at the same time
according to the leader's voice but just me and a few of us follows. ergh. And then me and my friend were really pissed off about it and we decided to release our tense by kayaking as fast as we could and finally we made bout 4 almost five rounds around the area instead of others who just bout 2 to 3.. haha..

<-- this is called Patrick Star bile kena campak ke darat/ flying starfish. Bygkn la perasaan korang kne ikut macam kt sbelah kanan ni.

The Chinese New Year had finally come.. oh the day we were waiting for.. can't wait to come home.. but before that we have to prepare ourself for the opening day of the camp.

This one is the pakaikan baju loreng kat anak..... pakai baju? jangan pker laen eh...------>

Everybody was pleased to come especially our parents because there will some competition involving them. I was involved in the silent march(kawad senyap) where no
voice command is involve. It's actually move according the platun leader stomping so we have to remember every single steps we have to do for each stomps. But in that time our leader uncapable to stomp hard enough so she used voice command 'up' as its subtitute. The first formation was a casastrophy but we manage to get the beat back for
the next 4 formations. The most magnificence show in this day is the flying fox glides by our coaches. They perform magnifico tricks that truly caught up everybody's eyes.

After that the next physical modules is the high rope(tali tinggi.. hehe). It consist of flying fox, absailing(dunno the spelling.. its the thing usually used when going down from a helicoter using a rope) and the thingy where people go down from a building by hopping on the walls down and down(forgot its name.. hehe). But we only manage to do flying fox due to lack of time
Plus, I didn't get my satisfactory doing the flying fox because my speed was freaking slow and not thrilling at all.. huhu.

We also have low rope(tali rendah.. hahaha). It consist of simple activity but still quite challenging. Those activities are undescriable because I didn't found any pictures of them. sorry.
Kembara halangan... ahh.. trademark of plkn... 9 differrent challenges... 1 will be the winner.. haha.. joking... so first we have to go across the swinging bridge hoho.. beneath it? of course pool full of tadpoles and frog eggs... and then the six feet wall... I was scolded here because didn't follow the procedure.. haha.. already used to climbings lo.. don't care... and then the goat bridge(titi kambeng)... then the monkey rack.. then the tarzan swing.. and then the tunnel.. second last the thorny wires and lastly for boys only.. the 12 feet wall...

CB class finally over. Then came our next class. Integration class. hoho integration? still cannot seperate from me since I enter the most beloved school with Intregation in its name also. haha. So, this class was an extension. We learn about cultures, religions and responsibilities about our own community and each races. The final day we were asked to make presentation
involving a demonstration of marriage for malay, chinese and indian. Everybody was welcomed to join any of those three especially different kind of races. I only joined the malays since I still did't get it clear about mine.. haha.(sndrinyer x reti nk blaja org len pye lak). I tried to find the simplest character ever so I finally got the
responsibilities to be the.. err.. 'saksi'. haha. back on acting stage again but so sad it just ended in a few minutes only. huhu.

And then came the nationality class. My first thought that we have to learn our country history. (oh no! sejarah? damn.. freaking lots of memories there.. sweet.. tense.. the moment we learned together.. huhu). But that's not it. We learn what importance in a country and our responsibilities through the groups activities.

Wednesday! The day we can go out from the camp. It is called.. err.. Community Service (Khidmat community). Some of us get the chance to go for it three times but most of us only got two times including me due to the clashes within the shooting activities. My first trip with 39 other classmates was to go to the TLDM Fire Station. We learn steps on fire emergencies and take a look around
the station. But the most unforgetable moment is to slide down on the pole which been a trademark for any fire station. At first I was scared not because of its heigth(but honestly tinggi la gak) but I was afraid that I will lose my grip and slammed on the things nearby. But actually it's hard to lose your grip because once I manage to hug the pole tight, I felt really confideent and slide down
handed. haha.

The second trip was going to the pink guava factory which are the biggest pink guava farm in Asia. 500 hectares. All we can see was guava, guava and guava.
I ate a lot of guava there since it's free of charge and I dunno what else to do except eat, eat and eat. And then we came bak from the camp I had to go to the toilet frequently.. hahaha! :p

Shooting.. excited? of course. Especially I'm the one who left handed in my group or we called detail. We were divided in the detail consist of three boys and 3 girls.. or precisely.. heroes and heroe.. ins??(drugs) haha..
So it's a very unforgetable experience but I'm not satisfied with my result because I just got 45 over 100. (x gne tol). The m-16 is rusty lo.

So.. came the last section of physical modules.. the 'wira jaya'.. we had to walk towards our starting points, carrying the freaking heavy haversacks(almost 20 kg it think) which have our equipments inside for about 2 kilometers before going through the rainforest for another 2 to 3 kilometres.
I was given the authority to guide my team/kompeni using the compass.. so it means I'm who needs to go through spiders webs and leeches before anyone else gets it. huhu. So the result is? 15 holes of leeches bites of course. My pants was freaking bloody like I was just got back from a civil war.
We move in a long line so members can see each other. After we reached our ending point(2nd kompeni to got there) we have our break on move on about a few kilometers towards our cooking area. So there everyone show their cooking talent in cooking rice, sardines, onions and saltfish. But I the fun thing was I 'rembat' some girls ayam and eat it with my group. haha (ntah mane la dyorang dpt ayam 2).
And then we move on towards our campsite. Along the way we must build a stretcher and decide somenone to be the sick person. I'm didn't help much since I'm kind of tired but still I took a high determination to gave my shoulder for the support of carrying it and honestly, ergh. the pain and numb. You can't imagine. My shoulder like wanna come off. ergh..
So at the campsite, we build our tents or 'poco' and my hand was swollen because of it since I really don't care bout rest and wanna work, work, work. So then we cook our dinner but haha.. we had to cook our ricec two times because the first rice didn't have enough water.(water supplies dh abes lo. mls nk g amek lg. dh le jauh). So the two days one night camp ended and we head off back.. exhausted!

Marching competition.. My team got last... haha.. but don't care because we had done our best and we skipped the statics which have lots of marks there. But overall we done was respected but still it's quite a some sort of unfavourable condition for our coaches.. (teringat mcm incident kt skool dlu).

Some short programs are held like seminar or something. And one of them was kesusateraan something like that. ergh... the last day of the program we had to put out a show and I act as the silat warrior.. silat lagenda.. wacha!!

So the day before our return there was and closing day just like the opening day but slightly different because we had to stand for almost 2 hours for the assembly, speeches and award ceremony. Then came the exciting moments.. the show.. and for the second time I'm involved in the silent march but this time we tried the stomping thing. And its turned out to be a dissapointment because the was some misunderstanding
with the leaders intetion. Only we knows. haha.. and the flying fox.. Its involve some of us also. The night we have a ceremony before everyone left earlt in the morning the next day.
So thats all from now.. there still more but too much maybe until next year won't finish.. haha..