Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sound of Reason

What's up with the title anyway?

1st. It's a band

2nd. I wanna tell some reasons.


Since winter break in Moscow is really a BREAK!! I dunno.. heartbreak.. brain break.. car brake.. (otak pon x btol)  but its truly freaking torturing. Lots of people bail out from here and I was thinking to do so at first. I invited some friends to go to Egypt but being denied so I just cancel it off then (sbb ad dak2 batch 2 yg pker nk g sne je.. walaupun Berlin pon almost the same price tp dak gmi xda lg so xnk). By the way I also don't feel like traveling before I got by digital camcorder. And why I need it? For sharing of course. I'm bad in telling stories and hate typing too. So... 'wait until grow mustache la' for blog updates. hehe.  That one of a reason. I got some money and its enough for my journey to 'berjalan-jalan', but because of the camcorder I hold it first. The second reason I choose to suffer in this bored-killing holiday is I want my BELOVED friends to be there waiting for my arrival. "So korang blaja la btool2!! leh lepak sesame2.. x mo r sorang2.." It's sad since I was here apart from you guys (5 5). So paham la perasaan ku ini yg kesepian ni. So yg dh merayap 2 jgn belagak. Ak terajang kang. Kalo p bg paedah kt org laen xpe gak. Pnt den berkorban jiwe dan rage nih. kekeke. Ok guys????? Adeh pth tenkuk type sambil baring. Later.