Friday, October 9, 2009

A Journey to a Freezing Land..

The day had finally come. 23rd of September, the day which I thought the worse day of my life. BUT thank god I was given lots of people to keep holding me upstraight as I was falling gradually in sorrow and misery. Thank you very much for those who come, for those who called, for those give me chocolates!! (cadbury lak 2 my feveret), for those who gave lots of love, for those who pray for me, for those send their pics, for those who texted me, as I thought my life is at end if not because of them. Well, there is actually something that cause the sorrowness become worse, as I tried to overcome it in the whole journey until now. Missing my love one of course, texting her as many as I could. The arrival in KLIA is a bit depressing as many people and student like me are checking in to and it was a chaos. The place become hotter and hotter, and I was sweating enough in that freaking sweater. (but thanks to it, it kept me warm at my arrival). And I became more frustated as my shirt turned up to smell funny. After the check in, a time gap about 3 hours was taken for dinner and prayers. I did not take my dinner as my hunger drop off as I see Fauzi, Ainin, Sunoy, K-man, Faris Hasyim, and Ainin's punye adek2 was coming and busy having my last unforgetable and memorable moment with them.

The briefing started at 8.30p.m. After hearing all what the officers in charge said, we were given about only a half an hour to be prepares and went into the assemble point. As my phone kept ringing and text kept rushing in, I tried to spend my last time wif my family and somehow I was touched as the moment is my last with them. Tears almost drop from my eyes but I prevented with my full willpower (control macho la beb). Soon, theres is it, I quickly walk my way through the guard and walk my way towards the escalator to continue my way to the departure hall. Shockingly before I finally step my foot at the escalator, I heard someone calling for my name. It was Ezy. She managed to find me in those crowds. Nice timing! Too late for a conversation we just took some pictures and I had to take off. Down, down, down the escalator, waving my hand at those eyes, calling for me. So there is, all the process gone smoothly, only my hand luggage was tagged as cargo so it had to go from my grip. Luckily it has no importance during the journey.

Having a flight around the clock in MAS was kinda great. As nothing much to do on that seat and most of time I just spend to hear some musics as I slept one time for one song. And soon we arrive in Amsterdam Airport (forgot its name). This is much more a killer boredom for us since theres nothing much to do. Internet access is present, but cash must also be presented for the access. As we wait and wait, finally it is time to get moving. Most of us check in successfully but some of us stuck with their names not registered in the tickets. But thankfully the problem solved and we managed to have a safe flight in the Aereflot. MAS is better but for me I'm still thrilled with it as I got my seat beside the window. Haha. The short flight made me spend my time only to see the above view of the lands and sometimes I took it to flip through some magazines even not understanding mostly what is written. The food? of course sea products is our only choice. And soon the elevation of the plane decreases and I took the time to see what is Russia looks like. At first I only see lots of greens and some small towns when it still not went through Moscow airspace, but when it was, we were surprised to see even at the end of our sight we can still see buildings! Imagine how large is that city is. The planwe landed but we were wondering where is the coldness that people always talking about. Actually plane always kept the temperature of the cabin the same and I knew that. Just wanna let the excitement atmosphere goes on. As we get out, whoosh! Where is the big freaking cold air cond?? haha. Its cold. But for me it just common. Not a freezing level yet. But what make me sick is.... "Apsal tempat kapal terbang ni bau cam kandang arnab kat umah aku?? Jom bla cepat".

After a long 5 years...

I finally came back to Perlis! hoho. It's been a while and I'm afraid if I did not go at that time, I might had to added 6 extra more years since I'm leaving abroad by now. Even though it not at Raya, but still it is a very nostalgic for me. Really had a good moment as I count the days which decreases day by day.