Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melodia of Maya Cardiovascula

Meaning? The melody inside my heart which triggers the memories inside it.(This will be a recent updated post)

Well like u can see.. i mean hear.. those songs which played in my blog are what I meant. So, if u don't mind, maybe I could share some of them to you.

Well let start from when I was a form 1 student
This song really3!!! meaningful to me because it remind me a lot about my life that time...
Well, if u ask any of us who was in those days u can say tipu la kalau x tahu lagu ni cause I can hear it all over the place, always, from the hostel radio, somebody singing the song, it was very popular until I can even hear it in the bathroom(of course org memekak tgh mandi x reti diam). And more importantly sometimes my classmates like to joke me with that song by changing the lyrics (I'm sorry I can't be perfect ---> Ansari Bin Ramle perfeeect) hahaha.. It was just a compliment anyway in another point of view. Well after hearing it I can still remember I was home watching the video clip(yg dok memekak jamming ats bumbung umah awek die 2), because I was a second intake where I had a chance to study in a normal school at my place for a month. So coming to integomb? It was it bit blur for the first day and suddenly becoming homesicking days afterwards. Haha. I still remember, I was in 1 Al-Farabi, I register at the counter kt lobby skola, at the teacher was Izudin Sensei. Hoho. So after that I went to the koop to buy my stuff, and get into the Ruby Red. Oh yeah go Ruby!(walhal smpi form 4 x prnah ad semangat kesukanan lnsung, form 5 je plek, agknyer npe eh.. hahaha) So as I enter the class there was only one empty seat left where it was beside Asna(a new student like me). When I enter it, everyone was just staring at me and as I sat a voice came out, "Woi! Ko dorm ap??" oops forgot to tell I put my things first at the dormitory before I went into the class. So I replied, "Harmoni 6" (in a very skema way, dgn bju butang smpi atsnyer.. hahahaha.. gle nmpk bodo those days) And suddenly a student shout "yes! ko dorm ak!". It was Nabil, aka Superdag, hahahaha. And then the teacher came, they were discussing their Kemahiran Hidup test while me and Asna xtau pape so donga je la.. hahaha. Soon, I just followed Nabil's guidance since he was very helpful for me. We got no orientation, or maybe a little to know what to do and don't. So my first cry? Haha this is embarassing. Well those times we have a very famous phone called reverse charged phone and it had a very entertaining caller ringtone(try carik tp x jmpe). So, I called home, as I heard my father's voice, burrrr, tears rolling down non stop(naseb xde org time 2. Power ak timing). So that was it, and my first in front of somebody? Well, in front of our PK HEM that time, Pn Fauziah.(yela die p tye psl family ak plak mne ak x sdey. Rindu woo) That time we were discussing about my day off for the award from my former school because I got 5 As in UPSR. And that week also was the day for cross country tournament in Saturday, where I never got a chance to training, erm... maybe much better to know the route(sbb kt school lme dh merentas dese pon so kire training la kot). So, I had to follow where everyone goes and placed 24th. Haha. After it finish, my dad came to pick me up because that day also is my day off for the award thingy. Oh my feet was freking lenguh. Huhu.
So it followed by,
Linkin Park - Numb
Hoobastank - The Reason (but this is more likely reminds me of my form 2 life, the year of angau, hahaha bodo gle time 2. Sape yg closed to me that time tau r)

Greenday-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
(n byk lg cause time ni byk dgr lgu because of many factors)
It was popular in the early years when I was a form 2 student of Integomb. And it reminds me of my precious transistors(radio cenonet beli kt mydin dua hinggit sehelai) which a lot have lost in a battle(rosak trburai) and some kne cilok ngan senior(hahaha.. agk plikla coz zaman ak pkai cilok mp3.. well time changes). So, what I can conclude hear is lots of song I heard in the radio will remind me of those days because I always hear that thing, especially with my friends, klu korang igt lg nme die palito.. hahahaha.

Form 4? Well of course the trademark song haha,
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade.
Well, it was very popular in early of 2007, and people kept singing the song until there were adaptation edition to it which the most famous about going to the surau and going to play rugby.
Haha, still dont get it? Try to hear the song you will remember everything. It reminds the starting of my choice of decision which I choose to enter the pure science stream even mostly of my friends choose for science agama. Common question? "Ko straight As asal x amek agame?". Well, I also dont know the answer, maybe I just too lazy to study many subjects since it got only 10 subjects and agame got 12. So, the class feel very empty, wide, before the new form 4 student joined us. In class? 4 Ibnu Sina... I sat besides Haziq Lipat and my table was my bed, just wanna sleep, sleep and sleep.. haha. Behind me was the genius Anas, who always looking at me weirdly since I always do something weird. And in front of me was Acap Buzz and Muaz Gondolz. So, some stories I would like to share when meeting those new friends, who should I start? Hurm.. Atin si KlCC, well before the new student came my classmate had given everyone one each of the new student for tutor lessons of what we have learned. So I got her, where I just receive blindly because I want to sleep that time. So, I just do my job like always, some I can some I cannot, I'm not that good anyway, and time after time now look what I have done, she is the most clever student in my batch! Oh I'm so proud of my anak murid.. Hahaha(walhal frust gle psl ak yg ajr die dlu tp die lak pndai lbey2.. ak markah bodo je.. huhu). How about other class? Hurm, a time I know Syafa 4IN, well like always commonly people knew me because of my drawings, so one day Syafa come to my class and said "Wah lepas ni lukis utk ak plak". I, who never notice her existence in that school just look at her, "Eh sape lak ni kocik bona. Ainin dh ad geng la. Haha"(dlm aty la).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dying for it!

Well it just happen last Saturday where the fifth fivers had made the final decision for a reunion at mid valley at around 1 and VERY fortunate for me I also got a battle to settle. The ultimate frisbee tournament (I guess that what it is called) for the INPRO 2009 (a tournament between the programmes in intec). The first game I entered, not because I'm good of course, but there was no one else to backup my batch to represents for the table tennis so I was in, and of course only manage to get one win from all the match, haha, and we placed fourth. Not bad huh for the one who only just thinking of representing but suddenly realize we were climbing up the stairs. And guess what? My first match was with Afiq Farhan. HAHAHA. Oh man he was so damn good. And so kalah la daku. So back to the frisbee story my first match also with an INTEGOMBIAN, he was our senior, abg amirul ehsan or much more known as ah seng. He was representing the A-level who were a very though rival for us. Well, I think most of u dunno how the game play rite? The same thing happen to me. Just a few days before the match baru start blaja how to play it. And of course.. because the was insufficient players, like always. Well I get very interested of it because it a combination of games, especially AMERICAN FOOTBALL where I was really thrilled to play since secondary school (pengaruh eye shield 21). So defense like basketball but no contacts, eye je kot bley. Movement like men netball (alamak nmpk podan lak) because the one holding piring xleh lari, nnty mcm travelling, and offense..... american football, where I was there to get into target... the receiver.. (the one who must receive the piring at the score zone to score of course) hahaha. All the games we won, and got first place and of course I have to work hard for it. The game settle at 1.40 since it started at 9. As I see my clothes were very dirty, and seeing I still I had time to get to mid valley, (faith in nisa saying 40 min leh smpi), I choosed speed walking back to college instead waiting for the bus around 2. Oh my god I also cannot walk since my muscle having cramps. But who cares, I cant waste this chance. Arrived at college at two, pray, take a shower, dress up, ran to the taxi, who the driver who was oh my god lucahnyer.... ergh, arrived at ktm on around 2.45, meet gan, and we wait so long, around 3.30 kot bru smpi, and mak bapakk ramai orang.... the air conditioner was down, I was sweating like hell, and ade extra gift, I looked down, "Aik? Bajet la org brpeluh smpi bsh lantai ni?" Soon I realise air cond punyer air meleleh from the ceiling, banjir dlm 2.. hoho... so, all the way from shah alam I was standing until arriving at kl central, still not sitting since the game is over, rushing and slipping through the crowds, (sbb ktm to seremban nk smpi dh) left gan with his friend, xtau ap cte(sori gan) pale ak xleh nk think straight, and sampai je kt platform 2, man, lg33333 double222 byk dr td, and I had to guess where the ktm pintu akn btol2 stop so I can slip through (naseb dh biase wat) so my guessing was 68.98% correct, slip2... manage to get in, while holding my breath of course, because memang sardine gle, sbb siap ad minah to kne hentak ngan pintu bpe kali sbb org nk muntah kuar blik dr ktm 2, pnuh gle. But she manage to get in to. So, arrived at mid, again I slip and rush through the people, msg nisa to know their location, but mengong sbb nisa ckp dyorang tgh tngkp gmbr so its too general so I cant specify it (sbenanyer saje tye konon I was not there and wondering dyorang wat ap, so I can get some clue from it) so I just walk trough the floor and fortunately time tgh naek escalator, nmpk manje turun kt sebelah so "MANJE!!" manje who saw me, "ANSARI!! kejap2 ak naek blik" gde.. gde.. gde.. die pon naek blik, ktrg borak2 jap tangkap gmbr, tye dak2 kt ne cabut, so rushing and slipping so arrived!! What a relieved, time 4.30 sumthing, and byk nk blik dh, I was just... haaa, mampu trnganga je la. Tapi nak wat cmne kan that the fastest I can get. So sorry guys.. I tried my best. But I think that is enough for me kot, since I was thinking lepas ni nak pegi jauh, lame plak 2, will I have a chance camni ever again. So that was it, I took lunch with mas, faten with her sis and bro, pas2 tnggu ktm.. same problem, sweating like hell, arrive in shah alam, jmpe pak yat, amal and gan, tumpang pak yat blik cemare, n have a good rest sampai missed my dinner, oh man lapar gile mlm 2, dah la xleh tdo sampai subuh! haha. and that's another story..

Monday, July 27, 2009


Tired, tired and more tiredness. First problem, unfinished medical check up. The original plan was to get the test from a private clinic and get the certification from a doctor at the government clinic. Of course it cost a bit less but it is truly need a maximum patience and determination. Some doctors cannot accept test from the outside and some do. So it on us to find the right doctor. Luckily there is a very kind nurse to help me with it since the clerks of the government clinic clerks did not told me the right thing to do to make it settled faster. Still, I had to go there 3 times continuously before it finally finished. Second problem, I don't have a notebook. So it hard for me to settle all the assignments according to my plan. Hopefully I could, plus with the day out with my friends to school to visit my teacher last Sunday. After that we really had a good time watching transformers 2 where I finally lost to the final scene because I dropped into tears. Haha. After I get home I quickly downloaded all its soundtracks. So, moving on to my works. Later.