Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kamu da jd pak cik!

17 December 2011 my sis suddenly ask me on Skype.. Da tau ke? N I was like tau pe? N she replied kamu da jd pak cik! N I was like huh?! I just realized that it's already December of course I would expect this but the thing is I never thought of it.. A healthy baby boy and my heart so xtau nk ckp ape seeing him through the video call.. No wonder why abi talib n Abu lahab excited bile nabi s.a.w dilahirkan.. Hehe. Sori la first time dpt nephew so bnde bru dlm family. Ranking pon da nek kn jd pok cik. Aiseh Tue da ghopenye teman.

Mac married ------------------------------Dec--->


And suddenly something came up in my mind. When will be my turn to return her favor giving me anak buah? Amboih jauh beno pker x sedo btoi ang..
Anyways syukur alhamdulillah.. Harap responsibility sebagai pok cik yg baru dianugerah ni dapat dipikul dgn baik utk mendidik selagi mane bole supaye same dpt knal tujuan n matlamat kite.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Main Reason

Nak emo sket sbenanye tp xnk org tau.. so since prob org akn bce this blog is too low then I choose it to be the medium utk emo.. screw twitter, fb or other crap.. this way better to emo.. x ganggu umah tangge org. Anyways, end of semester always makes me feel like tepung roti canai. Ponat nk settlekn mcm2.. bile lack on some part je mule la nk jd worse brgnde2 tnpe diduge. Klu nk ikt prinsip equation hidup ni, kerajinan is inversely proportional to time, bile da lme2 kerajinan pn brkurang. Tapi yang masalahnye final equals to time max, di mane kerajinan hampir mncecah angke sifar. haha, matematik abeh ak ni padahal nk tmbh tolak skang pon da slow poke. Mmg minggu g mnduge.. lg2 bile kite try hard as much as others but seeing others get things done better than us.. sakit aty meh.. alangkah seronoknye klu dpt perasaan sukakn ujian demi mnjamin akhirat.. pjuk2 dri xtau la smpi bile. tp the truth is.. this challenging week already prepared me a very good medicine to keep me inspired everytime rase down mcm nk tmbus bumi. Ape die? ha.. bersambung kt post atas..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Xde keje

Rase cam bodo tayang muke sndri kat atas 2.. tp x pe la da bosan.. spe suruh x hiburkan ak kan ak da buat bnde ntah pape.. nnty rse kemaluan yg trkumpul 2 dh overload xde la bnde kt atas 2.. peace..

Monday, August 15, 2011

(chords) Devotees - Bersama

dunno if this rite but i think it sounds good tho.. correct me if i'm wrong.. x reti sangat wat bende2 ni.. suke2 je..

Kita pernah bersama
Menempuh onak & duka
C                       Bm            F                         G           D
Tidak pernah putus asa, walau dugaan datang melanda
G                                  D
Dikau pernah bertanya, Bila cahaya akan tiba
C                      Bm         F                            G          D
Ku berkata bersabarlah, serahkan saja pada yang Esa

Bila masanya menjelma
Kebahagiaan akan tiba
Em                                  Bm              F                      G
Namun tidak mungkin ku lupa kenangan indah kita bersama
G                                      D
Menempuh onak cabaran dan liku hidup yang panjang
Em                             Bm         F                     G            D
Tidak mungkin hidup ini sepi selagi ku masih di sini

Em Bm F G

G               D                Em            Bm
Kini terungkai sudah kisah hidup kita
G                   D                 Em                Bm
Berbekalkan taat & sabar pasti kan berjaya

Devotees - Bersama.mp3

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lighten Up Our Ramadhan

...Во имя Аллаха, Милостивого, Милосердного...

Well just want to share and ask for suggestions for this upcoming wonders of time, Ramadhan.. Ramadhan's seasoning.. of course it is the great number of deeds and ibadah.. and my seasoning of Ramadhan's seasoning or in other words Ramadhan's seasoning's seasoning.. hehe.. I would really enjoy listening good music too.. I love music and it somehow can be inspiring and also expressions of feelings too.. As we put on a full throttle for this Ramadhan how bout at the same time we have same good music to keep us accompanied and inspired.. I have my list of albums and tracks that always keep my heart warm.. so, here it is..

1) Bali Daba by Benammi.. seriously all of them is great..

2) Just Remember by Iman.. they are quite underdogs but they are really good.. seriously.. In my opinion, if they got a great producer then KABOOM.. the top..

3) Maher Zain.. well you know him..

Now for some songs that keep me warm..

1) Mishary Al Afasy - Welcome Ramadhan.. well he is my favourite quran reciter enough said... superb voice..

2) Haddad Alwi - Salam Ramadhan

3) Mesut Kurtis ft Irfan Makki - I Think of You

4) The Brothahood - Friend or Foe
                              - Light Upon Light
                              - We Are Egyptian
                              - Act On It
 (a Hip Hop group from Aussie)

5) NowSeeHeart - Selawat Atasmu

6) Yusuf Islam - Al Khaliq
                       - I Look, I See

7) Genius Aulad Talents (Lost their tracks.. got their album back home.. bunch of cute kids singing together..     hehe)

8) Native Deen - Lord is Watching

9) Sami Yusuf - Healing

10) Brothers - Sepi Perantau (just because it pictures me who is alone.. hehe)
                    - The Unlettered Prophet

11) In-team & Unique - Binnabil Huda

12) Le Rappel - Retour a LEssentiel
                       -  Entre lHomme et son coeur
                       - je viens de la terre

14) Cotu - Lord of Ramadhan

There's A LOT more but these are the best or maybe the most preferable right now..
Basically I love arabic words so whenever songs contains arabic words it can literally melts me.. hahaha.. even though my arabic language is poor.. that's why my dream to have a wife an arab.... ...... ............. or maybe not an arab and just good in arabic so she can teach me full time.. hehe.. okay no more nonsense talk..

Well there goes my list and how bout yours? Please give me suggestions.. It can be really helpful in my inspiration.. A very best of Ramadhan to you..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ayaq Jeghung

ni sebenarnya bukan air sebarangan yang boleh wat minum tapi air ni kasi kite satu moment wat kite fikir balik about our mind set in something yang dari kecik kite rase da sebati dengannye.. "SHARKWATER" a film bout our perception and reality in sharks life... cite ni mmg da dapat banyak award da n maybe da ramai da tgk n aku pn da tgk lme da n nk post bnde ni pon lame da tapi x terpost2.. so just nak conclude kn wut i think the mechanism of this whole story is how people looks you in your behaviour even you r the most terrifying creature on earth... what im saying is depa ni nak gitau kite yang kite xpatut anggap nate jerung ni ganeh nk mapuih macam skali jmpa depan mata truih ang putuih pala kna ngap.. dak eh.. dyorang siap bole peluk2 mcm teddy bear lg jerung 2...

  Si jerung2 ni lg terancam sbenanye.. dgn sikap jerung yg jinak ni la watkn dyorang sedar ap yg betol n ap yg salah... cume satu je beze pasal sume nate kt dunie ni diorang of course bole wat ap saja tanpe kite expect kn... since it normal behaviour n response.. klu kucing pn nmpk jinak tp bole je nk gigit org klu die lapo ke ape.. n camne plak kalo mechanism ni manusie yg bole judge sendiri setiap perilaku nye lakukan... byk da kisah kite dgr how people trtarik dgn akhlak seseorang manusie.. n when dah tertarik tu of course dalam mase yg same die akan tengok ap yg ad diri kite.. n ape yg ade pada diri kite yg kita bawa setiap masa? ini sendiri2 bole tau kan... so... hope my message delivered dgn sepatutnye la n thanks for reading... dyorang de website so can check it out kalo korang ade terase nk tlg jerung2 yg comel ni la... hehe...  

p/s: i like documentaries.. expecially bout the earth.. kalo nak share or ask some good vids sudi2 la yer..

Monday, May 9, 2011


dah lost enthusiasm nk posting tp byk je idea... need a push to go for it.. so please could someone do that?