Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As I was wondering what to do here... I intend to search some new songs to be downloaded. So, as usual browsing and I made my way to find new songs. Then came a thought that alang2 dh tgh crik nk try crik lgu yg de psl ramadhan.. nk crik mne2 yg sdp leh download gak.. and there was it. 3 tabs, one for english songs at mp3raid, one for song prehear at myflashfetish, and one for ramadhan songs at mp3 raid. As I am searching the songs, I found out everytime I try to browse bout ramadhan songs everything went very2 smooth like never before, instead of those other from ramadhan songs, get stuck everytime, except for some songs which has no dirty lyrics. Weird huh? Well, maybe there something behind this and what I know, let's strive our best for this last few days before the time is up. A chance should not be let go as we not sure we will get it again. Always reflect ourself. When we ever think of god? All the time? Selawat ke atas nabi everytime we hear his name because bear in mind he bkn sebarangan, he is the leader of the world. Peace.

Has been a while...

It's been a while.. I haven't.. haven't... cry.. hehe. It's sad alright, to leave your love ones. As the days keep passing by, heart cracked little by little, hoping that I could get a meaningful farewell to them. Coming closer to 23rd of September, 11 p.m, Malaysia Airline System, KLIA, creating sort of a instantaneous misery in not so thrilled feeling to go faraway from where I came from, from what my heart will always like to be. So you better be great Moscow, or you will regret for letting me pass through.

Эта Моя Любымая Дорогая Группа 15 Б

translation... This is my beloved dear group 15 B.

a video by Daus

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camera, Light, Stomach, Glucose, Action!

It's show time. Role play, one of the English assignments we have to deal with. Criteria? Two people, a doctor and a patient, get through all the way from complaints and everything until the of the results and treatments. So pairing with Ihsan we got ourselves with an interesting story which was rejected since the plotting was out of those criteria. At first we make a story about a pair of couples, who was me and our favourite and most wanted girl in our class, Laili. We had an accident. I suffer in a depression while Laili in coma. So all the way to the end the story it was more about Laili rather than me. So it was out. We changed it. With kain pelekat stuffed in the sweater so I can became fat enough, we made Laili was dead so end of her story and now we can focused on me. Hahaha. So as Laili died, I was very depressed since I love her so much. My life became a chaos and to my solution was to eat and eat. I even drink a lot. When the time has come, I was feeling like want to see the doctor, which is doctor Ihsan. After the diagnose and all that, my behavior of eating with hakuna matata(no worries) had be founded out by Dr Ihsan and I was advised to change my habit. He show me my result and I was suffering from an obesity and diabetes. So time after time I become though again at the end. Hooray!

Cemara College in Blood Bath

Horror... Gore... Blood splattering all over the.... drains... hehe. Well, it's slaughter time! Die you chickens! Well at ....... (x igt tarikh) at Intec there was held a survival camp.. sort of a pre departure thingy but more to an Islamic aspects. At the first day, in the morning, each chicken.. opps, each classes was given at least 3 chickens to be a slaughter alive. Whoa! Scary huh? I didn't get to slice one.. just trying to give a chance to others who never did it before since I already got mine at school. I My job just helping to hold the chicken, and did some observations and checking I think. And the result? I was cut in my thumb. Still have the scar you know. The cut was deep, plus it dissolve with chicken blood of course. Urgh.. I got chicken DNA in my body. I'm chicken man.Attack of PLKN clones

A tea time with Dr Siti Hasmaa

Sori bnde dh lme jd bru nk merepek skang.. well in the 'lpe tarikh' the russian students of intec have been invited for a tea time with Dr Siti Hasmaa in Putrajaya. What I want to share here is the interesting facts and hardship she told us in being a good doctor which is a good way of thinking to solve a problem creatively and effectively....... ok out of idea.. pics!

Dance by the 14s on the upper part and 15s on the lower part.. kinda x phm n trtdo time this.. but at the end I was in it those kind of thing too.. why me?? huhuhu

Acoustic Band

September Updates!! hahaha

Even I know xde org nk bce bnde ni tp mao gek gtau stelah sekian lme ak dgn kemalasan utk mngupdate blog akhirnye kebosanan dok kt umah n utk mengelakkn ak dr xtau nk wtpe mmbuke pntu aty ni to type more.. it's more to a wrapping up of what happened before this.. haha.. xde org nk bce pon tp ak tau ak bce wat... stay toon..