Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mosquito lah!

...Во имя Аллаха, Милостивого, Милосердного...

Leaving home was one thing hard for me, especially in this month. But what the use if I just do something for me but not for others.. so I intend to go to see what is happening is out there and I could simply say it just the same even it this hours.. sad indeed, seeing people not realizing the oppurtinities they are missing.. in a hotel somewhere near PWTC, give some break after a long day. But it rather called myself good for nothing since all my works are useless in that pre-departure programs for soon to be juniors in Russia. It's ok, no one to blame since it just the matter of time. We plan something, but not for us to decide for it to succeed. As I walk down the streets, with a feeling of darkness around me, wondering if I were able to see the light in the heart of this city. Thinking of my ability, surely it way far from strength to keep it even inside myself. Weak. This explain how surrounding can affect somebody thats for sure.
Going home is the day I waited so long, searching back myself before its too late. Taking the KTM is one super challenge of course, but luckily just a few minutes I waited in Putra station the train arrived. Without hesitation of aboarding, I soon realise I took the wrong train which stop at sentul instead of Rawang. Man... this sucks. But I tried to keep myself together and believe that it just something to spice up in the gloomy morning. I tried to believe that as soon I return back to putra the right train will arrive. After half an hour waiting for train to putra I got in and Subhanallah it actually happened. Nice one! Haha... something to remember in this beautiful month, Alhamdulillah..
So, what the heck of this mosquito title anyway? Well after I got home I had to pack up AGAIN to go to Perlis. Its nice to see my relatives there and leaving it a very hard thing of course. But one thing I realise that mosquito had grown up! Since for a year with no mosquito I almost forget how irritating their bite can be! Arghhhh! They only bit me at my feet since they know I'm good at slapping them as soon I got a clear view of them.. darn it.. lots of red swollen bites on my feet! but not a single bites above my feet ankle until my head.. except for one in my thigh.. I dunno how the heck it got there you stupid perverted mosquito... ok then.. thanks for reading and see ya in the next post..