Monday, February 22, 2010


Well after a glorious futsal match, (we placed 3rd), we went for some snow dive since snow falling heavily currently in Moscow thus making a thigh high snow layer on the ground. Without thinking anything we enjoy ourselves by diving into it happily despite of the coldness. At last we ended up cursing when the aftermath gave us a freeze and our core temperature drastically dropped down. Worse for me, I think I lost my glasses in the sea of snow since I remember putting it in my bag but found it was not there when I got home. It really depressing me out since the glasses means a lot to me. It was a gift from my father who has to work hard to find money since he does not has a fixed job. The glasses pretty expensive, at it was my fault for making it be. I really like the transition lens which can turn dark under the UV light. I promise myself I will took care of it but now what? I really feel guilty to my dad. I cried before bed when thinking of it, my head hurts when thinking of it, my heart torn apart.. I know I had some money to buy a new one but will it be enough. I want to save for my parents, for my brothers and sisters, were not wealthy for sure, everyone is working hard to lie on scholars for money, working... and I keep wasting money because of my stupidity... Anyway I just trying to motivate myself theres always a reason behind this. So the conclusion..
1) It was snowy
2)Snow is soft, love to swim in it.
3) I'm blinded, bcoz no glasses..
4)Snow+blinded=title of this post...
5)Somebody help me find my glasses!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hands are a surgeon's life..

As I play with balls, juggling them since it been a while, so the balls get off from my grip and fall to the ground. I tried to catch it as fast as I could, but my hand ended up colliding with the edge of a door instead. A slice of wood pierced into the flesh under my nails, resulting in an internal haemorhage in my nails. Ah, some of the blood got onto the ball so I quickly let them go so they will not get stained. I washed the wound and tried to play back, but I couldn't. I gave up. So, no more hand-involving games for me, and most importantly... guitar no more.. argh...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


finished and so frustrated why just 10 episodes.....  and ad mamat yg jd pakwe yasuko yg sgt lopek!! rase nk pijak sampai mati...