Thursday, December 17, 2009


Rase cam nak beli macam2.. tapi xtau kt ne yg bgus.. haihz.. dh la sume mahal.. moscow2..

Prospek Mira Mosque.

This time I want to tell you bout the mosque located near the prospek mira metro station which just take a few minutes walk before we arrive at the mosque. Along the way, we will see some people selling a sheet of plastics which used as the sejadah. Wonder why? Here's the answer.

The small capacity of the mosque is one problem, plus a large numbers of muslims want to pray as that day was during the Jumaat prayer. So we had no choice, praying under the subzero temperature with the others. Only god know how it feels but we 'redha je, asal dpt solat kat masjid'. The next best thing is there will be hawkerw selling samsa, a kind of baked bread with a beef fillings inside it. There is one woman who sells cheap samsa but it is very delicious and I can guarantee if we kidnapped her back to malaysia we will able to make a branded company of samsa with her marvellous samsa. One more thing there is a halal cafe nearby the mosque so we can stuff everything we want with hakuna matata. (no worries).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pickpocket Encounter

One day I was returning home after class. As usual I plugged in my earphones at my cell and start to hear some music along the way (too bad now already lost it. Can't hear music... argh!). So to make me easier to navigate through my playlist I just simply put my cell inside the front pocket of my jacket. (Like all Russian do). So, I walk in the metro (underground train) and take my stand, leaning myself at the lateral door between two guys. Ihsan was playing in front of me. As the train moves away, the noisy sound of it make me barely hear the song I played. It was a nasyeed song that time. And suddenly I can't hear any music at all after a 'pluck' sound. (a quick response to me head which I intepret it my earphone accidentally unplugged because it is connected loosely). So as we know when playing music with earphones it goes out from earphones but when it is unplugged of course it goes out from the speaker so to prevent from making and attraction I quickly looked down and reach my cell. I noticed that something weird because it kinda impossible for the earphones to get unplugged since I didn't move at all. And the man beside me was kinda covering his hand with a newspaper and pulled his hand back as soon I looked down. My cell was still in my pocket but... it halfway out from it. I stared at his face. He just looked away pretending to be innocent. I was really pissed off and feel like wanna kick his balls. I took some range from him after I switch my cell into another pocket so he cannot reach it. I told Ihsan who was holding the psp to be careful. Ihsan with a frightened looked quickly go into the center, reaaallly far away from there. haha. I just took a half meter away, hoping maybe I got a chance to kick his ass, but luckily for him I didn't. Metro is a common place of pick pocketing. It's like heaven to them. So be aware, espeacially the one who was skinny, black jackets, stupid hairstyle, a paper in hand, because I've seen  many of this kind of freaks doing their thing there. FREAkS!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Physical Training. (Fizkultura)

The most and must skip class by the students. Why? Of course cause its tiring but worthless. But for me it become worthless because we did not do it seriously as we should since the exercises is totally different from what we learn in Malaysia. It was exciting at first since we got a chance to fight a volleyball match with another group which come mostly from Russia. The best part is we kept winning until now we already bored of winning and just let them win which they really want from the start. Skipping2 n skipping. Now we just wondering if this will affect our results for final. Hopefully not.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Biological Introduction

 So, after a long boring biology lecture we thought that biology will gonna be no fun at all. Since the lecturer who gave the lecture at that time is my group lecturer for classes. But eventually, it turn out to be interesting as she took us for a tour around the biology floor which situated lots of interesting dead stuff just like in a muzeum. So every class we learn about microorganisms which we got a chance for every each of us to make our own microscopic analysis. But the hardest part is, we have to draw what we see, but not actually what we see but what the lecturer see. I had my time making about 8 times draw and erase for a single picture just to get her satisfactory. After that I swear I just followed someone drawing who has been certified so it will never ever happen again. And of course even drawing has been so hard, how about our test? Haha. You don't want to know. (Pics: wild boar, frog, sea creature dunno the name, some mammals, backbone of a whale, eagle and pic of me. hehe)

Friday, December 4, 2009

The 'Paket' Story...

As  it is suppose first time experience in a new thing is the one suppose to be a hilarious and memorable for any mankind. Got what I mean? Well there is one story where the word 'paket' become a very meaningful word to me in life. It was my first time shopping in Moscow, in this small and cheap supermarket. As we know we still not used to speak in russian or even hearing was still quite difficult for us. So, it cost us hours to settle up the payment at the cashier. My experience was like this. Firstly the cashier will ask you if you need a plastic bag for our groceries. We are not aware of that since in Malaysia if was free and always will be given to the customers. I was just 'ternganga' as she asking bout 'Paket? paket?' which mean plastic bag. She saw me could not understand her so she take one plastic bag and show it to me. I just replied.. 'oooooo.. da. da.' (yes, yes). I thought that was all, but here come next. The screen showed up 400++ RBL something so I took out my 500 RBL and gave to her. She asked me '*(#&()*#&?'. Oh man what now. I thought I did not give her the right amount so I took all my money I have and show it to her so she can choose which one is correct. HAHA. At last she point out her finger to the coins at the dashboard. ........ OH damn this is embarassing. She just want coins. The END. ^_^' (luckily she didnt took all my money)