Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lost and Forgotten

...Во имя Аллаха, Милостивого, Милосердного...

Siput Hodoh

Everything not going as planned... biochem x capai trget.. physio x smpt prepare... n histo prepare thp gaban pn just dpt rndh je... (bkn x syukur just expect nk up sket).. coming home also a challenge... waiting for the tranvai for almost half an hour in the blistering cold moscow winter doesn't bother me much since still lots of big troubles musf be think of... simple equation for public transport... public transport + late = overcrowd with passengers.. but when multiply with "me" (* small) = win... so i manage to get inside.. now what? traffic.. but something woke me as i stood there watching one of the twins drawing pictures on the window by using the thin layer of condenses water... the girl drew something really similar to what i like to draw when i was about her age... seriously i never saw a kid drew sumthing like i drew from my imagination.. maybe it just my first time to see it.. a similar snail.. n i always imagine the shell is the snail's house n i will draw a window n a door on the shell.. wut the girl was going draw was already guessed by me... it really reminds me how myself was when i was a kid... totally from what i had been now... bpk corrupted... (sambil diiringi lgu simpleplan - perfect aka lgu tema idop form 1 ak) hurm.... kecik2 dlu gle determine nk bwat sumthing since slalu dpt inspiration dr imagination ak yg bpk kuat ntah smpi ke mne 2.. n kebahagian yg dpt dr keluarga (sbb 2 ak dok lyn lgu nowseeheart - keluarga bahagia smpi ak rse sume housemate ak dh nk mnth dgr ak dok nyanyi lgu 2 je)... anyway spe2 die pn lukis mcm ap ak lukis angkt tgn.. sje nk tau bole wat group pelukis siput berumah kt fb..... p/s that girl sgt comel smpi rse nk kasi mkn hamster cannibal kt umah ak ni je...

*this message dh lme wat tp mls nk post... haha

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mosquito lah!

...Во имя Аллаха, Милостивого, Милосердного...

Leaving home was one thing hard for me, especially in this month. But what the use if I just do something for me but not for others.. so I intend to go to see what is happening is out there and I could simply say it just the same even it this hours.. sad indeed, seeing people not realizing the oppurtinities they are missing.. in a hotel somewhere near PWTC, give some break after a long day. But it rather called myself good for nothing since all my works are useless in that pre-departure programs for soon to be juniors in Russia. It's ok, no one to blame since it just the matter of time. We plan something, but not for us to decide for it to succeed. As I walk down the streets, with a feeling of darkness around me, wondering if I were able to see the light in the heart of this city. Thinking of my ability, surely it way far from strength to keep it even inside myself. Weak. This explain how surrounding can affect somebody thats for sure.
Going home is the day I waited so long, searching back myself before its too late. Taking the KTM is one super challenge of course, but luckily just a few minutes I waited in Putra station the train arrived. Without hesitation of aboarding, I soon realise I took the wrong train which stop at sentul instead of Rawang. Man... this sucks. But I tried to keep myself together and believe that it just something to spice up in the gloomy morning. I tried to believe that as soon I return back to putra the right train will arrive. After half an hour waiting for train to putra I got in and Subhanallah it actually happened. Nice one! Haha... something to remember in this beautiful month, Alhamdulillah..
So, what the heck of this mosquito title anyway? Well after I got home I had to pack up AGAIN to go to Perlis. Its nice to see my relatives there and leaving it a very hard thing of course. But one thing I realise that mosquito had grown up! Since for a year with no mosquito I almost forget how irritating their bite can be! Arghhhh! They only bit me at my feet since they know I'm good at slapping them as soon I got a clear view of them.. darn it.. lots of red swollen bites on my feet! but not a single bites above my feet ankle until my head.. except for one in my thigh.. I dunno how the heck it got there you stupid perverted mosquito... ok then.. thanks for reading and see ya in the next post..

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well after a glorious futsal match, (we placed 3rd), we went for some snow dive since snow falling heavily currently in Moscow thus making a thigh high snow layer on the ground. Without thinking anything we enjoy ourselves by diving into it happily despite of the coldness. At last we ended up cursing when the aftermath gave us a freeze and our core temperature drastically dropped down. Worse for me, I think I lost my glasses in the sea of snow since I remember putting it in my bag but found it was not there when I got home. It really depressing me out since the glasses means a lot to me. It was a gift from my father who has to work hard to find money since he does not has a fixed job. The glasses pretty expensive, at it was my fault for making it be. I really like the transition lens which can turn dark under the UV light. I promise myself I will took care of it but now what? I really feel guilty to my dad. I cried before bed when thinking of it, my head hurts when thinking of it, my heart torn apart.. I know I had some money to buy a new one but will it be enough. I want to save for my parents, for my brothers and sisters, were not wealthy for sure, everyone is working hard to lie on scholars for money, working... and I keep wasting money because of my stupidity... Anyway I just trying to motivate myself theres always a reason behind this. So the conclusion..
1) It was snowy
2)Snow is soft, love to swim in it.
3) I'm blinded, bcoz no glasses..
4)Snow+blinded=title of this post...
5)Somebody help me find my glasses!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hands are a surgeon's life..

As I play with balls, juggling them since it been a while, so the balls get off from my grip and fall to the ground. I tried to catch it as fast as I could, but my hand ended up colliding with the edge of a door instead. A slice of wood pierced into the flesh under my nails, resulting in an internal haemorhage in my nails. Ah, some of the blood got onto the ball so I quickly let them go so they will not get stained. I washed the wound and tried to play back, but I couldn't. I gave up. So, no more hand-involving games for me, and most importantly... guitar no more.. argh...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


finished and so frustrated why just 10 episodes.....  and ad mamat yg jd pakwe yasuko yg sgt lopek!! rase nk pijak sampai mati...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sound of Reason

What's up with the title anyway?

1st. It's a band

2nd. I wanna tell some reasons.


Since winter break in Moscow is really a BREAK!! I dunno.. heartbreak.. brain break.. car brake.. (otak pon x btol)  but its truly freaking torturing. Lots of people bail out from here and I was thinking to do so at first. I invited some friends to go to Egypt but being denied so I just cancel it off then (sbb ad dak2 batch 2 yg pker nk g sne je.. walaupun Berlin pon almost the same price tp dak gmi xda lg so xnk). By the way I also don't feel like traveling before I got by digital camcorder. And why I need it? For sharing of course. I'm bad in telling stories and hate typing too. So... 'wait until grow mustache la' for blog updates. hehe.  That one of a reason. I got some money and its enough for my journey to 'berjalan-jalan', but because of the camcorder I hold it first. The second reason I choose to suffer in this bored-killing holiday is I want my BELOVED friends to be there waiting for my arrival. "So korang blaja la btool2!! leh lepak sesame2.. x mo r sorang2.." It's sad since I was here apart from you guys (5 5). So paham la perasaan ku ini yg kesepian ni. So yg dh merayap 2 jgn belagak. Ak terajang kang. Kalo p bg paedah kt org laen xpe gak. Pnt den berkorban jiwe dan rage nih. kekeke. Ok guys????? Adeh pth tenkuk type sambil baring. Later.