Thursday, December 22, 2011

Main Reason

Nak emo sket sbenanye tp xnk org tau.. so since prob org akn bce this blog is too low then I choose it to be the medium utk emo.. screw twitter, fb or other crap.. this way better to emo.. x ganggu umah tangge org. Anyways, end of semester always makes me feel like tepung roti canai. Ponat nk settlekn mcm2.. bile lack on some part je mule la nk jd worse brgnde2 tnpe diduge. Klu nk ikt prinsip equation hidup ni, kerajinan is inversely proportional to time, bile da lme2 kerajinan pn brkurang. Tapi yang masalahnye final equals to time max, di mane kerajinan hampir mncecah angke sifar. haha, matematik abeh ak ni padahal nk tmbh tolak skang pon da slow poke. Mmg minggu g mnduge.. lg2 bile kite try hard as much as others but seeing others get things done better than us.. sakit aty meh.. alangkah seronoknye klu dpt perasaan sukakn ujian demi mnjamin akhirat.. pjuk2 dri xtau la smpi bile. tp the truth is.. this challenging week already prepared me a very good medicine to keep me inspired everytime rase down mcm nk tmbus bumi. Ape die? ha.. bersambung kt post atas..


  1. same goes here i think..hahahha~
    a lot of things happened lately,
    sometimes we feel like,we did our best,but,happened to be,
    there's Allah hidden plan for us!
    I think that should be the best,,
    of course our Creator know the best about us kan?=)

    keep fighting!
    aku pun tga stress..da la sume nk kne pending..sobs2~

  2. hehe.. thanks mun.. hope you also coping with good pace.. doa2 le kite ye..